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Well I’ve certainly neglected this blog for a bit, haven’t I? Only so many hours in the day…


Miss Mary

I’ve been an fan of Miss Mary’s clip art collections for several years. I sometimes use Victorian images for slide presentations, social media postings, and occasionally, my WordPress blog.

The image above comes from an early version of Miss Mary’s website, which has recently been revamped. If Mary stumbles on this Tumblr, she will probably be amazed how long I’ve kept it in my computer!

Click on the photograph to reach the website. Miss Mary has also gone digital, and you can find her on Facebook (Miss Mary) and Twitter (OhMissMary).

Another very helpful resource for Victorian clip art is The Graphics Fairy ( Karen Watson includes other interesting and helpful information on her blog ~ it is a new discovery that I am enjoying quite a bit.

I did notice, and I am amazed, but not totally surprised; us fans of old imagery tend to have computers packed to the gills with the stuff :)

Lately I’ve been posting cleaned up versions of antique coloring book pages, and I just bought another coloring book from the early 1900s that I’m working on adding to so be sure to stop back soon.

Antique coloring book. I’m posting some of the pages at #vintage #antique #book (Taken with instagram)

No filters. The premature birth of a crocus, thanks to this weird weather. #spring #flowers (Taken with instagram)

#vintage nice hat! Antique photo of a dapper young man. (Taken with instagram)

Hair is a static wreck today. I fell like my Troll look! (Taken with instagram)

Vintage High Voltage Sign (Taken with instagram)

Mr. Tips (Taken with instagram)

Extreme Jack O’ Lantern, using Crayola Extreme Colors Ultra-Bright pencils. They glow wonderfully! As usual, the iPhone camera is unable to capture the vivid glowing colors. In person, the pencil marks are not as apparent and even the blue and green glows nicely.